Kindness in Kind

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 The king said, “Is there not still someone of the house of Saul to whom I may show the unfailing, unsought, unlimited mercy and kindness of God?” 2 SAMUEL 9:3 THE AMPLIFIED BIBLE



I am King of kings—nevertheless I am infinitely kind to you. David’s graciousness to Mephibosheth, a no-kin cripple who had done nothing to merit such benevolence, pictures My divine hospitality to you. Israel’s monarch invited Saul’s grandson to live in Jerusalem in his palace and eat at his table. I invite you to reside in the realm of peace and dine regularly at the table I set for you. I fill your soul with a spiritual banquet fit for a king. Though you are sometimes emotionally crippled, I carry you near My heart. Realizing you are a spiritual beggar, I treat you royally. Feasting in My palace, you never go hungry.


I am King of heaven—I extend heavenly citizenship to all who give Me heartfelt allegiance. Allowing sin to rule would place you on death row; permitting Christ to reign puts you at ease. Living as a child of the King, you enjoy life at its best. Cultivating an appetite for lasting meaning, you avoid hell’s unhealthy fast food and enjoy real nourishment.


I am King of love—I have always loved you and I always will. Unlimited mercy charmed you to My side. Unfailing kindness holds you near My heart forever. Loving-kindness makes us inseparable.


I am King of joy—Heaven’s benediction is in giving, not getting.


I am King of kindness—I set the prime example of real love. I have been kind to you, a spiritual cripple, so be kind to the handicapped. Express faith in Me via deeds of kindness mirroring My servant lifestyle. In a cold, cruel world, I am the heartwarming God. Be like Me by building a fire of hospitality to cheer the hearts of discouraged people around you. Reflect My heart of love by being sympathetic to everyone you meet—they are all having a hard time in one way or another. Behind the scenes there is silent struggle, unknown agony, unresolved dilemma, unvoiced pain. For heaven’s sake, show godly kindness every way you can.


My Son gave His life to forgive your sins and remove your guilt. His love was totally unselfish. Walk in His steps by having a heart for others. Let your concern go beyond affection—live sacrificially, like the King who kindly died for you.


An unrung bell is of little value. An unsung song cheers no one. I did not place love in your heart merely for your benefit—not until you give it away does it fulfill its purpose.


I am kind to you—see that you are kind to other people. You have received freely of heaven’s kindness—give freely in kind.


© 2013 Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Johnny R. Almond earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and a Diploma in Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge. After pastoring churches for a decade, he served the Air Force as a military chaplain in worldwide assignments. After retiring from the military in 2000, he began serving as pastor in Virginia. He currently serves as pastor of Hull's Memorial Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He and his wife, Beverly, have four sons, three grandsons, and two granddaughters.

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