A Gentle Whisper -- Listening for the Voice of God Johnny Almond  

Mighty Fortress

The LORD is good. When trouble comes, he is a strong refuge. 
And he knows everyone who trusts in him.
But he sweeps away his enemies in an overwhelming flood. 
He pursues his foes into the darkness of night.


When perplexing cares depress your mind, I will be your lilting song.
     Nagging doubts will not fragment you—I am your Blessed Assurance.

When you feel you cannot take another step, I will be your cheering coach.
     Life’s grueling marathon will not kill you—I am your Enduring Example.

When I flood earth with judgment, I will be your calm and quiet harbor.
     Surrounding troubles will not drown you—I am your Grand Support.

When all hell breaks loose, I will be your Unfailing Savior.
     Doomsday will not destroy you—I am your Heaven.

When the world has given up hope, I will be your melody of optimism.
     Despair will not overwhelm you—I am your Home.

When righteous indignation makes earth quake, I will be your Faithful Friend.
     Vindication against sin will not touch you—I am your Father.

When the last battle rages, I will be your ultimate victory.
     Clash of good and iniquity will not defeat you—I am your King.

When the night of evil overshadows the world, I will be your shining light.
     Attacks from demonic forces will not intimidate you—I am your Shield.

When the world is falling apart, I will be your solid rock.
     Fading tangibles will not devastate you—I am your Eternal Life.

When My Son returns to set the world right, I will be your bold courage.
     An interview with Me will not embarrass you—I am your Defense Counsel.

When heaven’s holy holocaust incinerates earth, I will be your storm shelter.
     Falling stars will not scare you—I am your Bright Morning Star.

When godless nations rage against the Messiah, I will be your hiding place.


(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Day 299, Gentle Whispers from Eternity