Solid Rock in a Quicksand World

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Rock of Gibraltar


Solid Rock in a Quicksand World


Ever since that time, the place where David was camped has been called the Rock of Escape.

1 Samuel 23:28 NLT


I am the Omnipotent God—your Strength. All other hiding places you try are papier-mâché. I am the Only Absolutely Trustable Spot in the universe. Psychological defense mechanisms of emotional withdrawal, projection, or rationalization only add to the confusion of your life. Running anywhere else except My heart is a useless exercise.


I am the Omniscient God—your Solace. Be grateful for friends in Christ I send into your life to strengthen your trust in Me. Like Jonathan, they encourage you to stay strong in your faith. True friends do more than enjoy each other’s company; they encourage each other to stay committed to Me. Comforted by sharing deep thoughts and close confidences, you are inspired to go ahead with courage.


No matter how close your friends are to you, there will never be any friend as dear to you as I am. I know everything about you—when you rest, when you rise, when you race; where you are going next; what you are going to think; what you have not yet said, but will. This knowledge is higher than your pay grade!


You cannot hide from Me, but you will never find a safer Hiding Place. Rather than hide from Me, it is the highest wisdom to hide in Me.


I grant perfect peace to everyone who implicitly trusts in Me and consistently thinks about Me. I am Solid Rock in a quicksand world. I have been a Refuge to countless believers through fury and favor, shadows of poverty and sunshine of prosperity.


My purpose for you can never be thwarted. Behind the scenes, I write the lines and direct every act on the stage of life. I am for you, so no force can overpower you. Death is not final. Life is not futile. Worry will not finish you off . Demons cannot frustrate you. Because I love you, we are inseparable!


I am the Omnipresent God—your Support. In deserts of loneliness, I am your Friend. Within caves of concern, I am your Protector. I am the Only Reliable Foundation for your future.


Faulty foundations of wealth, security, success, and fame disintegrate with the passage of time. However, if you build your life on Me, you will never disintegrate.


Fall on your knees and you will not fall apart.


Johnny R. Almond

Pastor, Hull’s Memorial Baptist Church

Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity


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Johnny R. Almond earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and a Diploma in Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge. After pastoring churches for a decade, he served the Air Force as a military chaplain in worldwide assignments. After retiring from the military in 2000, he began serving as pastor in Virginia. He currently serves as pastor of Hull's Memorial Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He and his wife, Beverly, have four sons, three grandsons, and two granddaughters.

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