The King’s Magnificence

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Jesus’ appearance changed so that his face shone like the sun.
When they looked, they saw only Jesus.

Matthew 17:2, 8 NLT

In a world of limitation, I am your infinite power. 

Much is beyond your ability, but nothing is impossible for God. 

My power shines within your clay body—the Almighty works in you!

Rely on My grace and weakness will be transfigured into strength.

In a world of despair, I am your immortal hope.

Shape up while there’s time—toss out the garbage and clean house.

Do not sink in mud—raise your eyes toward the Bright Morning Star.

Look up and melancholy will be transfigured into music and dancing. 

In a world of self-centeredness, I am your infallible God.

Sin destroys and pride builds a house of cards—I alone endure.

I created everything—I own everything—I control everything. 

Worship Me and apathy will be transfigured into heartfelt praise.

In a world of mediocrity, I am your incomparable excellence.

Care more than the world thinks wise, risk more than thought safe,

     dream more than thought practical—and succeed in My eyes.

Aim for the best and half-heartedness will be transfigured into quality.

In a world of rebellion, I am your invincible King.

All enemies of righteousness will eventually be humbled at My feet.

So the best thing you can do is humble yourself in My Presence now.

Surrender your heart and chaos will be transfigured into radiant calm.

In a world of darkness, I am your inspiring Light.

Gaze on the face of Jesus—see the brightness of divine glory.

Trust My Word—envision the beautiful future I have promised.  

Focus on Me and materialism will be transfigured into eternal wealth. 

In a world of disappointment, I am your indescribable reward.

My smile will amply repay your efforts for the Kingdom’s cause.

Well done will be the best paycheck you have ever received.

Honor Me and heartache will be transfigured into heaven.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond; Author, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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Johnny R. Almond earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and a Diploma in Religious Studies from the University of Cambridge. After pastoring churches for a decade, he served the Air Force as a military chaplain in worldwide assignments. After retiring from the military in 2000, he began serving as pastor in Virginia. He currently serves as pastor of Hull's Memorial Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He and his wife, Beverly, have four sons, three grandsons, and two granddaughters.

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