Endorsements for Gentle Whispers from Eternity

“We often seek to hear from God in the big moments and big events of life … but He is best heard in the stillness of silence. Johnny Almond has captured this truth so effectively in his work Gentle Whispers from Eternity, setting a tone of quietness through which the Holy brushes up against the business of a day and offers a moment of solace.”
– John V. Upton Jr., president of the Baptist World Alliance; executive director of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board

“Pastor Almond has beautifully written poetic and uplifting devotions for all walks of life. His wonderfully descriptive ‘I am’ statements will expand your thoughts about God’s nature and His relationship with us. My tensions dissipate as I read his reflections on the Father’s goodness.”
– Bruce G. Kittleson, president of Olive Branch International

“Johnny Almond delivers the next generation of devotional readings in intimate, first-person ‘whisperings’ from the Almighty. He chooses his words with a poet’s care and filters them through a heart made sensitive through years of ministry. If you enjoy Max Lucado’s work, make room in your mind, heart, and bookshelf for Almond’s collection of devotional readings.”
– Jim White, executive editor of the Religious Herald

“In our fast food society, we rush past ‘burning bushes’ and fail to hear the ‘still small voice of God.’ Gentle Whispers from Eternity is a wonderful antidote to such modern maladies.”
– Major General Bob Dees, Campus Crusade for Christ International Military Ministry