If the righteous are rewarded here on earth,
how much more true that the wicked and the sinner will get what they deserve.


What you think, you become.
What you speak echoes in your own soul.
     What you do ricochets to help or to haunt, to bless or to curse you.

I wrote the principle of cause and effect into the code of the universe.
     I wove the law of the harvest into the moral fabric of life.
     You invariably reap what you sow.
     Want a different crop? Plant different seed.

Proverbs state the case succinctly.
     Humility precedes wisdom—conceit sets people up for disgrace.
     Honesty builds a good reputation—treachery is self-destructive.
     Godliness lifts the spirit—evil burdens souls with crushing guilt.
     The quest for Christlikeness frees—selfish ambition traps.
     Uncompromising righteousness safeguards—wickedness troubles.
     Careful speech enhances friendship—careless words break hearts.
     Kindness nourishes life—cruelty is deadly.
     Integrity will not go unrewarded—perversity will not go unpunished.
     Believers look forward to heaven—skeptics have hell to pay.
     Openhearted generosity increases wealth—stinginess impoverishes.
     Searching for goodness leads to joy—seeking evil leads to despair.
     Trusting Me brings security—trusting money fosters insecurity.
     Saints will be recompensed—sinners will get what is coming to them.

Every action rebounds with an equal and opposite reaction.
     This is true in the moral realm, not just in physics.
     Things do not happen by chance—what goes around, comes around.
     Your circumstances result from your character and conduct.
     Virtue leads to victory—vice leads to defeat.
     These connections are evident now—or will be crystal clear someday.


                                     (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                           Day 253,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

Always Living and Learning

Teach the wise, and they will be wiser.
Teach the righteous, and they will learn more.
PROVERBS 9:9  NLT       


Admit to Me recidivistic foolishness—then resolve to be rid of it!
     Reverse evil—and learn to live life in all its fullness.
     Repent—and you can rejoice.

Stand in awe of Me—and begin to grasp true understanding.
     Learn the ABCs of wisdom by getting to know the Holy One.
     Keep running the Faith Marathon—hang in there and never quit.
     At the finish line I will welcome you to the house Wisdom built.

Be mature enough to be open to suggestions and counsel of others.
     Learn an important lesson—you do not have a monopoly on wisdom.
     You do not know all the answers—or even all the questions!
     So do not strut around like a know-it-all—you still have a lot to learn.

Keep these two truths in mind—there is a God, and you are not Him!
     My sea is greater than you can navigate on your own.
     Your boat is too small to survive life’s storms.
     Lean on My omniscience—learn to trust the Captain at the helm.

Three basics taught in kindergarten still apply in graduate school—
     1) Uncompromisingly practice what is right;
     2) Compassionately be kind toward everyone you meet;
     3) Humbly conduct yourself in the light of My Presence.

I have hidden all timeless wisdom in the heart of My Son.
     Cherish Him as your very own Teacher—apply His principles daily.
     He is near to My heart—live with love and you will be too.
     Listen to your Master’s voice—learn from Him how to live wisely.


                              (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                     Day 252, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

Uncommon Sense

Albrecht Durer Praying Hands

Trust in the LORD with all your heart; 
do not depend on your own understanding. 
Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths.

Practice unquestioning trust in My strong love.
     Be optimistic—rely on My promises to brighten the future.
     Confide in Me and live confidently—rest assured in My omnipotence.

Worship your Unrivaled Lord.
     I am eternally the same—unchanging in a constantly changing world.
     I have always loved you, and I always will.

Serve Me with unreserved devotion.
     Unconditionally and wholeheartedly give Me your finest effort.
     Live and work with this one thought in mind—My smile.

Submit to My unlimited mastery.
     Physically, take care of your body—it is a temple of My Holy Spirit.
     Sexually, practice self-control—My Holy Spirit can discipline impulses.
     Financially, give Me My due—you just manage, but I own everything.
     Emotionally, sail through high seas on an even keel—I am your peace.

Travel joyfully on an untarnished journey.
     I am the Travel Companion of the uncompromisingly righteous.
     Travel grace’s beautiful boulevard, revelation’s scenic route,
          faith’s winding mountain path, liberty’s freeway, love’s avenue,
          and the breathtaking high road of ultimate significance.

Apply uncommon wisdom.
     Self-confidence without taking My Word to heart is the mark of a fool.
     Accepting Scripture as the Final Answer is the mark of the truly wise.
     Steer clear of detours into the limiting world of human logic.
     Stay off the toll road of self-indulgence.
     Avoid the dead-end of pessimism.
     Have the uncommon sense to follow My map through life’s maze.


                                (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond 
                       Day 251,  Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

The Greatness of Jesus

You will name him Jesus.  He will be very great and will be called the Son of the Most High.  The Lord God will give him the throne of his ancestor David.  He will reign over Israel forever; his Kingdom will never end!  Luke 1:32-33 NLT

His name is greater than all names—Savior freeing us from sin. 

His identity is greater than any person—Son of God helping us to live.  

His throne is greater than any government—equity ensuring justice.

His Kingdom is greater than all nations—realm brightening the future. 

His forgiveness is greater than all sin—unfailing mercy inspiring joy.

His grace is greater than any problem–Wonderful Counselor giving hope.

His love is greater than any force—Everlasting Father stabilizing in change.

His light is greater than all darkness–holy radiance guiding us Home. 

His peace is greater than all chaos–Prince of Peace calming our fears.  

His power is greater than all doubt–Mighty God battling our insecurity.

His blessing is greater than evil’s curse—Omega having the last word. 

   The best that politicians, philosophers, and scientists have offered has not been good enough. The ultimate solution to problems plaguing the world for centuries is Jesus. Jesus is our last, best hope. 

    In the chancel of Westminster Abbey, right above the spot where generations of kings of England have been crowned, are inscribed words from Revelation— The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ.

    Only when He reigns will there be peace on earth. 

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Life’s Greatest Blessing

Warner Sallman Head of Christ

The LORD himself will choose the sign. Look! The virgin will conceive a child! 
She will give birth to a son and will call him Immanuel – “God is with us.” 


You are not alone, though you sometimes feel lonely—I am with you.

When you are unsure which way to turn, I am your Wonderful Counselor.
When you are feeling weak-kneed, I am your Mighty God.
When your life is falling apart, I am your Everlasting Father.
When you are frazzled by pandemonium, I am your Prince of Peace.
When you feel like you have made a fool of yourself, I am your Wisdom.
When you are burdened by your sinfulness, I am your Righteousness.
When you are struggling with impurity, I am your Holiness.
When you are chafing under sin’s shackles, I am your Redeemer.
When you are trying to break bad habits, I am your Liberator.
When you are needing companionship, I am your Greatest Friend.
When you are puzzled by life’s complexity, I am your Guide.
When you are wondering if you will survive difficulty, I am your Faith.
When you feel like singing the blues, I am your Jazz.
When you are tired in My work, I am your Energy.
When you are feeling guilty, I am your Defense Counsel.
When your heart is aching, I am your Comforter.
When you are disappointed, I am your Consoler.
When you are in peril, I am your Helper.
When fiery arrows of temptation are aimed at you, I am your Shield.
When you are on high seas, I am your Captain at the helm.
When you are riding an emotional roller coaster, I am your Seatmate.
When perplexing cares crowd your mind, I am your Center of Gravity.
When worry about needs steals your sleep, I am your Shepherd.
When the night seems interminable, I am your Light.
When your situation is uncertain, I am your Anchor.
When you are on sinking sand, I am your Solid Rock.
When despair threatens your soul, I am your Melody of Hope.
When tears soak your pillow, I am your Dawn.
When current events depress you, I am your Bright Morning Star.

When you feel a little down, remember your Greatest Blessing—God.


(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
Day 262, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

To Be Continued

Let every living, breathing creature praise God! Hallelujah!                                               PSALM 150:6 THE MESSAGE

Book One concludes with a doxology of unending praise—
God alone is worthy of everlasting praise.

Book Two concludes with a doxology of unparalleled praise—
God alone does glorious and miraculous things.

Book Three concludes with a doxology of unquestioning praise—
God alone merits absolute worship.

Book Four concludes with a doxology of unrestrained praise—
God alone deserves wholehearted devotion.

Book Five concludes with a doxology of universal praise—
God alone inspires creation to heartfelt adoration.

With the trumpet of triumph, the harp of holiness, the lyre of love,
the tambourine of thought, the dance of delight, strings of serenity,
and cymbals of celebration—give tribute to the LORD.

Someday all living beings in the cosmos will sing praises to the Lamb.
      Until then, honor God by the way you think, speak, and behave.

The only perfect musical note produced is made by running water—
heaven’s universal praise will sound like that!

The mighty crescendo of praise to the Savior will rise and swell—
uniting the international chorus of people singing the praises of Jesus.

You will see Christ face to face.
You will hear His voice welcoming you home.
You will celebrate forever living in heaven on earth.

Heaven’s never-ending love story is an unfinished symphony you hear as
“a foretaste of glory divine”  (Fanny Crosby).

Holy Spirit gifts cheer you on in every phase of your journey,
      composing a melody of grace notes as a prelude to heaven.

As the overture of God’s kindness in time fades away,
and you step across the threshold of eternity—
      you will at last hear notes of the first movement clearly.

And when from death you’re free, you’ll sing and joyful be,
And thro’ eternity you’ll sing on  (American folk hymn).

                                                                  (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                                                         Day 250, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

Forever and a Day

I will praise the LORD as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God all my life long.
                                                                 PSALM 146:2 NRSV

My music is your happiness.
     I am your Song when you are down and out—
          inner-stances of joy transcending sad circumstances.
     Dance heaven’s jig of joy; do not drag in earth’s mournful dirge.
     Always be joyful.
     I elevate your attitude—sing alleluia!

My might is your hope.
     I am your Strength when you do not feel like going on—
          Creator teaching you capability to persevere through severity.
     Feel like giving up? See Jesus hanging on the cross, and get back to work.
     Keep on praying.
I energize your actions—live alleluia!

My mercy is your help.
     I am your Solution when you are puzzled by the next step—
          Shepherd transforming your concern into peaceful contentment.
     Whatever happens, maintain a grateful heart.
     I encourage you by My answer—pray alleluia!

My Messiahship is your heaven.
     I am your Sovereign when “good luck” eludes you.
     I am orchestrating details in your best interest—
          faith can dance, patience can wait, hope can sing.
     Never stifle My Holy Spirit.
     I exercise ultimate authority—anticipate alleluia!

Sing My praises forever and a day, including this day–say alleluia!


                             (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                      Day 249, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

Close for Comfort

Albrecht Durer  Praying Hands 

The LORD is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him sincerely.
PSALM 145:18 NLT 

My unsearchable greatness is your practical strength.
     Worthy of highest honor and praise, powerful beyond calculation—
          I am the Greatest Force.
               Above politics, I do more than make promises—I keep them.
                    Holy Radiant Light changes your night to brightest day.

My unparalleled generosity is your plentiful supply.
     Embraced by My heart’s tenderness, satisfied by My lavish care—
          I am your Gracious Father.
               Infinite resources satisfy your heart’s hunger and thirst.

My unfailing government is your positive solution.
     Submitting to My reign, giving allegiance to the King of kings—
          I am your Glorious Future.
               I heal your heartaches when life seems hopeless.

My understanding gentleness is your peaceful serenity.
     Understanding you when no one else seems to care,
          Standing under you when no one else can help—
               I am your Greatest Friend.
                    In your heart, you are already home—rest easy.

My unimaginable gladness is your praise song.
     Closer than hands and feet, nearer than your very breath—
          I am your Grand Festival.
               Rejoice in inner-stances and practice gratitude perpetually.
                    I am not distant—I am near to the trusting heart.
                         You do not have to travel to find Me—just pray.

                               (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                      Day 248, Gen
tle Whispers from Eternity

Road Trouble

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me.
Psalm 138:7 KJV 

You are a sojourner in ephemeral time.
     The universal law of human life is summed up in one word—walking.
          Life is a walk, a journey, and constant action forward.
     Walking means constant change of position.
          Yesterday’s circumstances are gone forever.
          Today’s circumstances will be in the past tomorrow.
     Life’s walk is constant—the wheels of life never pause.
     Life’s walk is fast–morning mist evaporating in blazing sun, short story.
     Life’s walk is irretraceable—you cannot live one day again.
          Emily Dickinson is right, “That it will never come again
               is what makes life so sweet.”
     Each step you take brings you one step nearer your final destination.

You are surrounded by earthly trouble.
     Life’s walk is not always on green grass under cloudless sky.
          There is much to enjoy on earth, but life is frequently problematic.
          Time educates you for eternity—adversity is My university.
     In hard circumstances, I teach you lessons you would not learn otherwise.

You are supported by eternal trustworthiness.
     The Grand Support of Human Life is equal to all your emergencies.
     I pledge that I will give you strength enough for every troublesome day.
     Corrie ten Boom said it well—“If God sends you on rough roads,
          He gives you iron shoes.”
     I am El Shaddai, the One Who is Enough, Almighty God—
          sufficient for every circumstance, eventuality, or probability.
     I am an ever present—not absent!—help in trouble.
     I am omniscient—I know your cares.  
     I am omnipotent—I can help you.  
     I am omnipresent—I am always with you.
     I keep you in trouble—far better than keeping you from trouble.
     I will finish what I started in you—we will embrace at the end of the road.


                                      (c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond
                              Day 247, Gentle Whispers from Eternity 

Stardust Melody

How can we sing the songs of the LORD while in a foreign land? PSALM 137:4

When you are in a situation that makes you want to hang up your harp,
you may wonder how in the world you can ever celebrate again.
Where is that toe-tapping rhythm, that spring in your step?

You are on alien soil in the ungodly world.
No wonder antagonists poke fun at your hymns of praise.
The world is “not a friend to grace to help you on to God” (Isaac Watts).
I am the One “who makes the woeful heart to sing” (Anonymous hymn).

When Paul wrote Philippians, he was not in a Statler Hilton luxury suite.
Yet he published a message of joy advising believers to rejoice.
Hope can sing—heaven’s music echoes in listening hearts.
Faith can dance—heaven’s message encourages trusting souls.
Joy can celebrate—heaven’s mirth is in inner-stances, not circumstances.
Love can rejoice—heaven’s melody inspires invulnerable joy.

Horatio Spafford experienced this joy—even after his daughters died.
That ship collision in the Atlantic took their lives, but not his peace.
Sorrows like sea billows rolled over him, but it was well with his soul.

Richard Wurmbrand experienced this joy—even after 14 years in prison.
Brutally tortured until he could find relief only on his elbows and knees,
he still sang a song a fellow prisoner wrote about Jesus.

Joni Eareckson Tada experienced this joy—even as a quadriplegic.
Confined to a wheelchair, painting with her mouth,
she sang from her heart a song of trusting faith.

Betsie ten Boom experienced this joy—even in a concentration camp.
She knew they would be free, and she told her sister to tell everyone
there is no pit so deep that God is not deeper still.

You can also experience this joy.
Though you feel like sighing, your Greatest Friend can teach you a song.
By My grace, you can sing—even when you do not feel like it.

(c) Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 246, Gentle Whispers from Eternity