A Gentle Whisper -- Listening for the Voice of God Johnny Almond  

Enslaved to the Eternal

Onesimus is no longer just a slave; he is a beloved brother, especially to me.
Now he will mean much more to you, both as slave and brother in the Lord.
                                       Philemon 1:16 NLT

Christ represents you before God—interceding for potential slaves to sin.
     Your Savior’s prayers on your behalf prove His unconditional love.
     Your Defense Counsel argues your case before My throne.
     Celebrate acquittal, rest assured of His love, be confident of His help.
     The accuser points out failures—the Advocate pardons and protects.
     The care of the Lord is your reason for hope.
     You are forgiven.

Christ reconciles you to God—bridging the gap between us caused by sin.
     The price of salvation joins our hearts—mercy unites you with your Creator.
     The Sinless Lamb took all your trespasses on His shoulders.
     In exchange, He gave you the love of His heart—that is unfair, but grace.
     You were a runaway prodigal, but you came home—now there is peace.
     The celebration of the Lord is your song of joy.
     We are friends.

Christ redeemed you from slavery to sin—paying a debt you could not pay.
     The path to serenity is open—He unshackles you from awful addiction.
     Make sin a lifestyle and you will self-destruct—follow Me and you will soar.
     Peace of mind is not found at the Devil’s carnival—only in My company.
     Stay near My heart and I will teach you heaven’s freestyle jig of joy.
     The cost of liberation has been paid at Skull Hill.
     You are free.

Christ reinforces you to serve God—strengthening you to do My will.
     The privilege of slavery to Me is a little-known secret—the key to joy.
     To be My servant gives you a noble purpose and a promise beyond time.
     When I make a difference in you, you can make a difference in your world.
     Make Me your Master and you will never suffer bondage to the evil one.
     The chains of love never chafe.
     You are focused.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond                      Day 353, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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