A Gentle Whisper -- Listening for the Voice of God Johnny Almond  

Knowing God’s Reality

As I was walking along I saw your many altars.

One had this inscription on it—“To an Unknown God.”

You have been worshiping him without knowing who he is,

and now I wish to tell you about him.

               Acts 17:23 NLT

I am not a founder of a religion—I am the Redeemer.

     On the altar of Calvary, believe Me and know complete salvation.

I am not a teacher of a philosophy—I am the Prince of Peace.

     On the altar of reverence, seek Me and know indefinable serenity.

I am not a charlatan—I am the Wonderful Counselor.

     On the altar of faith, follow Me and know unflinching assurance.

I am not an abstraction—I am the Almighty.

     On the altar of expectation, depend on Me and know graceful strength.

I am not a security blanket—I am the Savior.

     On the altar of repentance, receive Me and know unfailing love.

I am not a concept—I am the Creator.

     On the altar of humility, recognize Me and know ultimate meaning.

I am not a hallucination—I am your Helper.

     On the altar of trust, rely on Me and know unflappable equanimity.

I am not a superstition—I am the Sovereign.

     On the altar of wisdom, learn of Me and know infinite worth.

I am not a fabrication—I am your Friend.

     On the altar of truth, walk with Me and know heavenly compassion.

I am not a lunatic—I am Lord of all.

     On the altar of surrender, give Me your heart and know total freedom.

I am not a creed—I am the Christ.

     On the altar of sincerity, obey Me and know perfect reality.

  © Pastor Johnny R. Almond                 Day 330, Gentle Whispers from Eternity