A Gentle Whisper -- Listening for the Voice of God Johnny Almond  

Magnificent Obsession

Christ is all that matters, and he lives in all of us. Colossians 3:11 NLT

Live victoriously—celebrate My greatness.

I died to defeat sin; I arose to resurrect you to a new life.

Because I rose from the dead, I can raise you above evil ways.

Victorious over death and sin, march in heaven’s triumphal procession.

Keep up your enthusiasm for My work—it is never a waste of time.

One of My resurrection people, let nothing in the world get you down.

Think vertically—anticipate My glory.

Searching for a better approach to life than dying with the most toys?

Set your heart on a place moths, rust, and thieves can never touch.

Do not be so preoccupied with things you forget your destination.

Do not wring your hands in worry—fold them in worship.

Walk steadily toward heaven’s gate—soon we will be face to face.

One of My redeemed people, count on My dream coming true.

Behave virtuously—manifest My goodness.

Making the journey from earth to heaven, watch your step.

Run from sexual sin—look for an exit when temptation corners you.

Learn to be content—avoid greed by gratitude.

Get rid of road rage—be considerate of fellow travelers.

Avoid slander, lies, and dirty language—tell the truth lovingly.

Change your wardrobe—throw away filthy rags of your old nature.

Rely on My Presence in your heart, and be changed from inside out.

Make Me your Center of Gravity, and your actions will be transformed.

Make a conscious effort to be like Me—one day you will see My smile.

One of My righteous people, strive to be holy and faultless in My eyes.

Serve valiantly—depend on My grace.

Rejoice at the privilege of serving Me—whistle while you work.

Remember I am your Boss—do quality work in My Name.

You are accountable to Me—do not worry about what others think.

One of My representative people, always do your best to honor Me.

© Pastor Johnny R. Almond

Day 347, Gentle Whispers from Eternity

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