A Gentle Whisper -- Listening for the Voice of God Johnny Almond  

Rediscovering the Greatest Book

Hilkiah the high priest found the Book of Law of the LORD as it had been given through Moses.
When the king heard what was written in the law, he tore his  clothes in despair.
“Go to the Temple; speak to the Lord  for me and the remnant of Israel and Judah.
     Ask him about the words written in this scroll.   
     We have not been doing what this scroll says we must do.”
2 Chronicles 34:14, 19, 21 NLT

     My Textbook for Living had been lost during reigns of evil kings. Found and read to Josiah, he realized drastic changes were required to bring the nation he governed back into line with My commands.

     The Book from Heaven is My gift to earth, telling you of My care. My never-ending love story is recorded in the pages of Scripture.

     The Book of Holiness is My instruction manual on how to live. My inspired Word teaches you eternal truths, makes you sense what is wrong in your life, gets you back on track, and helps you avoid derailment.

     The Book of Books tells of My greatness and exalts My lordship. It records My creation of the universe out of nothing, My holding it all together with invisible hands, and My supervising galaxies—and you.

     The Book of Life reminds you of My encouraging grace—illuminating your lonely darkness with My Heartwarming Presence. Nothing can extinguish Holy Radiant Light.

     Every time you reopen Scripture, you rediscover the Book that makes all the difference in your life. No other book transforms your attitudes and actions like the Holy Bible. No other book so convicts you of sin and makes you want to respond with true remorse and repentance.

     The world’s greatest literature cannot compare to the treasures of My law. No poetry matches the Psalms. No novel is more charming than the saga of My love. No story is more captivating than Scripture.

     The world’s profoundest wisdom cannot hold a candle to the truth of My Word. The most thoughtful philosophies cannot touch the human heart like Christ’s parables. All the best books ever written, placed side by side, could not rival the divine library of Scripture.

     Do not leave My Word on a bookshelf to collect dust—that is no better than hiding a scroll in the Temple. An unread Bible is as useless as a lost one.  The best Bible study? Read it over, think it through, pray it in, and live it out.  An obedient life is the best translation your world will ever read.

     © By Pastor Johnny R. Almond             Day 176, Gentle Whispers from Eternity