A Gentle Whisper -- Listening for the Voice of God Johnny Almond  

Seeing God’s Vision

Look at the Kingdom of God, not just your own little corner.

     On D-Day, Marines on Omaha Beach thought they were going to lose.   

     A reconnaissance pilot saw the big picture and knew they would win.  

     Take a higher perspective—count on ultimate victory through Christ.

     After the world’s nightmare, heaven’s dream will come true.

     Envision My future—brightened by My guarantee.

     Live optimistically.

Look at Christ, not just your circumstances.

     What happens to you can be miserable, but you do not have to be.   

     After the world’s troubles, heaven’s joys will dawn.

     Envision My festival—brightened by My glory.

     Live cheerfully.

Look at blessings, not just problems.

     See with the eyes of your heart, and learn to be humbly grateful.

     Every day I give good and perfect gifts—light in the world’s darkness,  

          stability in the world’s changes, and truth in the world’s confusion.      

     After the world’s pain, heaven’s health will prevail.

     Envision My friendship—brightened by My generosity.

     Live thankfully.

Look at My call, not just your comfort.

     After the world’s pleasure fades, heaven’s reward will endure.

     Envision My faithfulness—brightened by My goodness.

     Live purposefully.

Look at My Presence, not just your preoccupations.

     After the world’s turmoil, heaven’s peace will last.

     Envision My face—brightened by My grace.

Live prayerfully.

©  Pastor Johnny R. Almond          Day 332, Gentle Whispers from Eternity